Elsa Roth - Estrella

Reminded of her potential and being re-energized. This is how Elsa Roth describes her experience as a participant in MANA’s Latina Success Leadership Program. But Elsa did more than energetically re-connect with her potential; she was transformed by the program.

Elsa listened to the experiences and successes of strong and empowered Latinas. Elsa also learned from a curriculum focused on civic engagement, empowerment, personal branding, networking and resiliency. Then, Elsa applied her new skill-set to move herself and her community forward. She hasn't looked back.

She earned a certificate in Marketing and Digital Media through SDSU's prestigious College of Extended Studies. She became a US Citizen, allowing her to exercise her right to vote and to support the Latino community. And, she was promoted from within, and is now the Manager of Development of Donor Relations at MAAC Project - a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping the impoverished find job training, employment, education, health and well-being, including addiction and recovery services, as well as housing with the overall goal of helping families achieve self-sufficiency.

Elsa Roth was changed by MANA's Latina Success Leadership Program. She now embodies it's purpose and it's success. Elsa is a MANA Estrella.