A MANA de San Diego Signature Event, the Latina Success Conference (Conferencia Mujeres de Éxito) continues MANA’s commitment to Latina development and empowerment. This year, we are using a virtual format to bring your our first ever Latina Success Virtual Symposium.

This event designed to impart proven and practical strategies to Latinas, in support of their professional and personal goals. It embodies everything that MANA strives for to help Latinas thrive.

Panels, videos, virtual seminars, and keynotes speakers feature successful Latina and Latino leaders, experts in their field, who become role models to Symposium participants. These inspirational Latinas and Latinos personify MANA de San Diego’s mission of Empowering Latinas through Education, Leadership development, Community Service and Advocacy.

This event is free and open to the public; donations are welcome.


9:00 - 9:05 Music and Video Presentation - "From the Classroom to the Boardroom - A Sisterhood that Empowers"

9: 05 - 9: 10 Welcome and Thank You.....Venus Molina, President MANA De San Diego

9: 10- 9: 20 Program Overview….. Dr. Inez Gonzalez Perezchica, Executive Director MANA de San Diego

9:20 - 9: 25 Award Winning Advocacy and Advancement for All....Lupe Buell, Aixa Morales, Adela Garcia and Elsa Sevilla

9: 25 - 9: 45 El Grito de Cambio

Featured Speaker: Kim Guerra

9: 45 - 10:10 Advocacy for Self and Country - Panel of Honored Speakers

Moderated by Elsa Sevilla

Chula Vista Mayor, Mary Casillas Salas

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher

Southwestern Community College Governing Board President, Nora Vargas

MANA de San Diego Scholarship Recipient and Hermanitas Alumna Isela Reyes

10:10 - 10:15 Music & Meditation Break with Dalia Haas!

Breathing technique to calm nervous system and meditation. Participants will learn to quiet their minds

10: 15 - 10: 30 Action, Advancement, and Advocacy: Si Se Puede

Featured Speaker: Escondido Deputy Mayor, Consuelo Martinez

10:30- 10:35 Video Presentation: "Latina Warrior Vote"

10:35 am. - 10:50 VOTE: You Make a Difference

Featured Speaker: California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla

10:50 - 11:00 Music and Yoga Break with Dalia Haas!

Participants will release tension, re energize their body and connect with themselves.

11: 00 - 11: 10 Consider Yourself a Candidate - Find your Voice

Featured Speaker: National City Mayor, Alejandra Sotelo-Solis

11:10 - 11:20 Beyond Racism - Advocate for Change

Featured Speaker: ACLU - San Diego and Imperial County Board Chair, Leticia Cazares

11:20 - 11:23 Acknowledgements, Thank You & Introduction to last speaker....Rosa Maria Hernandez, Director of Development and Member Services MANA de San Diego

11:23 - 11:27 Moving Forward and Closing Comments...Jackie Cosio, MANA de San Diego Hermanita

11:27 - 11:30 Video Presentation "If I was President" by Las Cafeteras


El Grito de Cambio

In this session, Kim Guerra founder of the Brown Badass Bonita Movement shares her journey on being an agent of change. She encourages women to find their own badass selves and talks on the importance of action in order to achieve change.

Advocacy for Self and Country Panel of Honored Speakers

In this panel, we invite local and state leaders to share with us their perspective on advocacy and their leadership journey. We discuss becoming advocates for ourselves in multiple settings including self advocacy, advocacy in education, as well as advocacy in local and state government.

Action, Advancement and Advocacy: Si Se Puede

In this session, Escondido Deputy Mayor Consuelo Martinez shares the importance of self-advocating and encourages our participants to get out there and engage in their communities. Assemblywoman Consuelo Martinez touches on the topic of organizing and helps us to develop an action plan.

VOTE: You Make A Difference

In this session, California State Secretary, Alex Padilla addresses important electoral dates such as early voting, voting rights and general voting topics. With California holding 25% of eligible Latino voters and Latinos forming 13% of overall eligible voters nationwide, we hope to encourage our participants to let their voice be heard in the upcoming election.

Consider Yourself a Candidate - Find Your Voice

In this session, we hear about the journey of Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis as she discusses how she was able to find her voice and see herself as a candidate in multiple settings. Like many Latinas, Mayor Sotelo-Solis was often to stay in her lane and she is here to encourage our participants to step out of their comfort zone and find their own voice.

Beyond Racism - Advocate for Change

In this session, we hear from Leticia Cazares about how to be able to respond in situations where racism comes up. She encourages our participants to become agents of change in these situations.

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