Amanda Cheyney - Estrella

Amanda Cheyney has been a MANA member for 10 years! She joined MANA after attending the Latina Success Conference in 2009. After listening to the motivating topics, she felt inspired to volunteer alongside, “amazing professional women that looked just like me.” Amanda currently works as a Business Advisor for California Manufacturing Technology Consulting.

During her time at MANA, Amanda has been involved in several areas. She started as an office volunteer, was an Hermanitas mentor for five years, served on the Latina Success Conference Steering Committee for one year, and has been on our Board of Directors for five years. She was previously our Secretary, and is now our Vice President of Operations.

Amanda shares how MANA has had an impact not only her, but her family as well! She says, “My mom and I were both very involved for the first 5 years. She passed away in 2013, yet had the opportunity to see me sworn in to the Board of Directors. MANA has been so important in my life; I love the intergenerationality of the organization. Each program is unique and supports a different stage in a Latina’s life. I am confident in accomplishing my goals because I know that anything I need to succeed, I can find through MANA. In the past few years, my cousins have joined and are reaping the benefits of our programs and services.”

Amanda believes that Latinas are a force that naturally collaborate to ensure there is diversity, equity, social justice and economic inclusion for all. Because many of the women involved with MANA, “have attained higher education, increased our socioeconomics and are more civically engaged,” Amanda feels inspired to continue her work with MANA and be the, “change makers in our communities and within our different careers.”

Most people do not know that Amanda is married to her high school sweetheart! She says, “We’ve known each other for over 75% of our lives. He is hard working, humble, noble and funny. He is my rock and is supportive of my involvement in MANA. He has seen me evolve throughout the years and is very proud of me.”

Amanda is a MANA Estrella!