Annie Chavarria - Estrella

Annie Chavarria became a MANA member when she moved to San Diego in 2003. Ever since, she has been a part of the Brindis Gala Committee, as well as the Latina Success Conference Committee since 2012, and the Hermanitas Tias Committee since 2017. She works at Vivendi Group Inc. as a Real Estate Broker.

Annie’s sister was very active in MANA, and recommended she become a part of the organization. Her sister told her about MANA’s programs and assured Annie she would love it. Annie shares, “I love how MANA serves the community through the different programs offered, and how it serves its membership by providing opportunities to develop our professional and personal networks.”

The tangible results of Hermanitas and Tias programs, and the friends made through MANA, inspire Annie to continue her work with MANA. She says, “Through MANA I have met wonderful friends and have also met wonderful clients for whom I have been able to provide services. There have been many opportunities to build my social and professional networks. I have met some of my best friends/herMANAs, and they continue to uplift me.”

Annie is a MANA Estrella!