April Fernandez - Estrella


April Fernandez is currently on her fourth year of serving as a board member for MANA de San Diego. She first became involved with MANA de San Diego through the Health Fair, where her office supported the efforts of providing affordable, quality health services to the community. April serves as Chief in Office of Binational Border Health for the California Department of Public Health and has brought her expertise MANA’s Health Committee where she serves as co-chair. When asked why she joined MANA in the first place she responded, “ I joined MANA because I wanted to meet and support Latinas in the area ad heard this was a great group of women (and men) to work and have fun with”. April has immersed herself over the years, and truly enjoys the comradery and friendships that she has acquired through MANA.


Her proudest accomplishment at MANA has been just recently helping the Health Committee coordinate a Plática on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  The event was done in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/ Imperial Chapter, it was entitled, “Making Memories Tea Party”- which made a very serious issue something that we could discuss in a positive and relaxed setting. With her mother being recently diagnosed with dementia she appreciated hearing about the resources available, and other MANA member’s stories about their family members or friends with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It was a very thought-provoking yet fun afternoon with over 45 attendees!


When asked what inspires her to continue her work at MANA she responded, “I’ve always been driven to social change issues and I think despite the political climate, this is a very positive time for Latinas”. She noted that MANA de San Diego is growing and taking on some real- life issues to help Latinas prepare for life’s challenges and to be successful in their own way. April truly enjoys the diversity and sisterhood that exists in MANA de San Diego today and plans to continue to be an active member even after her term as a board member.


A little known fact about April is that she absolutely loves the musical Hamilton and listens to the soundtrack every day. We appreciate all of April’s positivity, and expertise that she brings to the board, April is MANA Estrella!