Cassandra Mougin - Estrella

Cassandra has been a MANA member for about 5 years and has been active on the scholarship committee. For the past couple of years, she has been on the Board of Directors, and Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Cassandra currently works as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego. Cassandra believes that her membership with MANA helped her obtain her current position with the City of San Diego. She thinks that, “having MANA on your resume informs people as to what kind of person you are, your character, and the ideals that are important to you.”

Cassandra joined MANA when she attended the Mega Mixer and fell in love with the organization’s purpose and ideals. She says that, “Initially, the Hermanitas program grabbed my attention but I felt the Scholarship Committee was a better fit at the time.”

Reading scholarship applications has inspired Cassandra to continue her work at MANA. While reading applications, she shares how, “the stories I read about our applicants bring me to tears. Learning about their hardships and the fortitude thy have demonstrated to persevere for an education is heartwarming.”

Something you might not know about Cassandra… she sang and danced in a production of The Little Whorehouse in Texas! We are fortunate to have such a passionate individual in our MANA familia.

Cassandra is a MANA Estrella!