Cynthia Davalos, Ph.D. - Estrella

Cynthia Davalos, PhD, joined MANA in 2010 and has been on the Scholarship Committee since 2014! She joined MANA because a friend she looks up to thought MANA would benefit her personal and professional interest. Cynthia Works as Chief of Staff, Student Affairs at UC San Diego.

MANA has allowed Cynthia to practice what she fervently believes in; “promoting and supporting college access and higher education”. She says, “The best part of doing this work is knowing that a group of committed volunteers and donors share this belief and we are making it happen today! We’re not waiting for a government institution or agency to do this; we are self-organizing and help our own community.”

The admirable people and amazingly talented Latinas is one of the reasons Cynthia feels inspired to continue her work at MANA. She talks about her experience of diversity and shares that, “MANA represents the true diversity of the Latina/o population and its future. We are young and older professionals, at-home wizards, mid-career to retirees from countless sectors, beginning the journey of higher education or wrapping up graduate school, new immigrants or fourth/fifth generation Americans.”

Most people see Cynthia as a healthy person, but she says, “I do take pleasure in a good hotdog and soda combo from Costco! “

Cynthia is a MANA Estrella!