Daniela Solano Murphy - Estrella

Daniela Solano Murphy has been a member of MANA de San Diego for three years now. The first MANA event she attended was way back in 2016, a Latina Empowerment Day. Daniela says that after this event she was incredibly inspired by the hard work of fellow Latinas in San Diego. Following this event, Daniela became an active member of MANA de San Diego. "I knew from that moment that I wanted to become a member of MANA to support the mission and be a part of this movement and community that supported each other."

Daniela states that because of MANA de San Diego, "I have been inspired to become a stronger leader in my community and in my professional career." Through MANA, Daniela has been able to establish a network of support for both her current and previous positions. She says, "I've met some really cool, smart and fun ladies who I now call part of my supportive and social network. They've added such a positive value and joy to my life!"

Through her connect to MANA de San Diego, Daniela was able to complete her Master's degree. The organization offered Daniela a fifteen percent scholarship through its partnership with MANA de San Diego. As Daniela states, "It takes a village and MANA is doing that! It's pretty fascinating what a group of people can accomplish when they work together." Gracias Daniela, for your role in this community-building work.

Daniela is a MANA Estrella!