Dr. Patrica Fernandez - Estrella

Dr. Patricia Fernandez is an educator and a MANA Estrella! Dr. Fernandez currently serves as the Student Supports Coordinator for the Lakeside Union School District. In this position, she coordinates a variety of support services for pupils in her district. Her primary goal is to enhance student success and achievement through the Lakeside Union School District’s programming.

Dr. Fernandez has been a member of MANA de San Diego since 2017. She is also a proud mentor through MANA’s Hermanitas program. Dr. Fernandez joined MANA de San Diego due to her support for the vision and mission to develop, nurture and empower Latinas through education and advocacy. As a mentor, she has been able to participate directly in this process. She says, “MANA de San Diego allows me the opportunity to mentor a first-generation college-bound student. I have been her mentor since she was in middle school. My goal is to be a positive and supportive mentor to my Hermanita so that she will move to higher education and enter the workforce as an empowered, Latina leader.”

About herself, Dr. Fernandez states, “I relate well to my Hermanita because we share a similar experience. I am a first-generation college graduate, the first in my family to earn a high school diploma. Mentoring and collaborating with other mentors brings joy to my life.” Dr. Fernandez is motivated to continue her volunteer work with MANA de San Diego due to the organization’s involvement in the community. She is especially supportive of MANA’s leadership initiatives, like the Latina Success Conference. Gracias Dr. Patricia Fernandez for your contributions to MANA de San Diego and our community’s education system.

Dr. Patricia Fernandez is a MANA Estrella!