Elena Perez - Estrella


Elena joined MANA in January of 2015. She served on the Scholarship Committee for the last two years, and was part of the Latina Success Conference Steering Committee for the last two conferences. She is a currently a member of the Tias Program, The Board, and Treasurer on the Executive Board. Elena has worked for the City of San Diego for almost 31 years. After receiving her B.A, she began working as an Account Clerk and worked her way up to Deputy Director of the Department of Finance. This placed Elena amongst the highest paid Latinas in the City’s infrastructure. She will be retiring in December 2018.

Elena shares that, “The great programs offered by MANA provide and open so many avenues to young Latinas that may have no other resources. It is inspiring to hear their testimonials and understand their stories, to know how much they appreciate the support we provide through MANA.” The results from the programs have inspired Elena to continue her work with MANA. She has seen the personal and professional growth in the education and careers of the Young Latinas we serve. She is proud to work with professional women, devoted to MANA, working tirelessly to reach our potential.

Elena is a MANA Estrella!