Erica Martinez - Estrella

Erica Martinez has been an active member of MANA for four years. She has been a mentor in the Hermanitas Program for the last 3 years, is currently serving her 2nd year on the board, is part of the Advocacy Committee, and is our new Marketing Committee Chair! Erica has a Podcast entitled “Soy Chingona” and also works at “Part Esy” Event Planning.

Erica initially joined MANA because of a partnership opportunity, but quickly realized how MANA could play a bigger part in her personal and professional journey. She shares how, “the biggest impact has been the support from these amazing mujeres that make up this wonderful organization. I’ve been able to connect and grow as an individual as well as a woman who has now created her own company. My family and friends get to see that growth every day.”

Erica’s Hermanita is someone that inspires her to continue her work for MANA. Her Hermanita was the one that encourages her to apply to the Latina Success Leadership program and has supported her along the way. Erica says that MANA has allowed her to see all the amazing stories from teenagers to retired Latinas and is fortunate to witness their journey and see what MANA has done to impact our community.

Most people do not know that Erica’s dad trained her for 2 years when she was in 6th grade, to be an Olympic boxer. They would wake up at 4:00am for 6 days a week to run, and do calisthenics, while she was on a strict diet. She says, “I never got to try out but I knew I was strong and fast.”

Erica is a MANA Estrella!