MANA de San Diego invites you to celebrate the New Year with a  special live-streamed event! January 28th, 2021 at 6 PM PST.

Welcome in the New Year with the MANA de San Diego Board, and celebrate the announcement of our 2020 member of the Year!

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MANA de San Diego Member of the Year - Recognizing and Celebrating Outstanding Year-Round Effort

Every membership organization has them. Those “go to” members who can be counted on, even at the last minute, to get it done right.

With over 450 members, MANA de San Diego is fortunate to have many “go-to” members within its ranks. Yet often, one of these exceptional members stands head and shoulders above the rest, making significant contributions to MANA throughout the year - moving the organization forward.

This exceptional member is the one member who is recognized and celebrated as the MANA de San Diego Member of the Year. This member is:

  • A member whose year-long contributions are of the highest order. The problem-solver. The team leader. The team player. The one who rises to the challenge with expertise, determination, passion, and selflessness. The one who works equally passionately on high profile events and the mundane nuts and bolts operational tasks.
  • A member whose leadership, dedication, and work product and ethic inspire others.
  • A member who embodies and advances MANA’s mission of Empowering Latinas through Education, Leadership Development, Community Service, and Advocacy.

At the end of each year, MANA de San Diego calls for nominations for its Member of the Year. The 2020 nominations are due Friday, January 15, 2021.

Any member in good standing (i.e. membership dues are current) can be nominated by a member. Officers, directors, past winners, and employees are not eligible. Please submit a brief written statement detailing the merits of the nominee to this survey form.

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If more than one MANA member is nominated, the entire membership reviews the nominations and selects the Member of the Year via an online vote. This outstanding and indispensable MANA de San Diego member is then recognized and celebrated for a job well done at the Holiday Soiree.

Past Member of the Year Recipients

2019    Yessica Diaz Roman
2018    Rosa Grunhaus Belzer
2017    Erica Martinez
2016    Norma Jasso
2015    Dr. Ana Navarro
2014    Lidia S. Martinez
2013    Shastity Urias
2012    Elizabeth Escobar
2011    Marlene Ruiz
2010    Adela C. Garcia
2009    Vivian Moreno
2006    Dr. Ana Navarro
2005    Lolita Lizarraga
2004    Geraldine Evans
2003    Victoria Reichel
2002    Marcia Aguiniga
2001    Mercedes Alvarez
2000    Lulu Buckles
1999    Lourdes Felix
1998    Leticia Munguia & Rosemarie Ponce
1997    Sofia Salgado
1996    Mary Salas
1995    Beatrice Fernandez
1994    Olivia Puentes-Reynolds

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