Krystal Isabel Carrillo - Estrella

Krystal Isabel Carrillo has been involved with MANA since 2009! She joined MANA because she wanted to be a part of something meaningful to help empower our youth. Krystal is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Bilingual Mental Health Therapist at Family Health Centers of San Diego.

Krystal began volunteering for various MANA events in 2009 and became an Hermanitas Mentor is 2017. She is also one of the programs coordinators as part of the Hermanitas Leadership Team.
When Krystal was in college, she received the MANA Scholarship and her award helped her purchase a laptop for school. She feels that MANA has provided her with multiple volunteer opportunities that led her to meet and build wonderful relationships. Krystal’s’ sister has also been able to experience MANA. She has been involved since the 7th grade and is currently a senior in the Hermanitas Program.

The Hermanitas Program inspires Krystal to continue her work at MANA. She says, “Being a mental health therapist can be mentally taxing on the self, but spending time with the coordinators and Hermanitas and hearing what they are doing is so exciting. The connection I have with some of these ladies helps revive me even if it is for a couple of hours. I continue to come back because I know what it feels like to not have my dreams supported and not feel listened to. I truly believe these girls are our future leaders of America.”

Although Krystal enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, she also needs time to recharge. Most people do not know that one of her favorite things to do is drive long distances with no music and enjoy the peace and quiet of the road.

Krystal is a MANA Estrella!