Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle Members

Supporting MANA de San Diego at the highest individual membership level, Leadership Circle Members take pride and personal ownership of MANA de San Diego’s mission of Empowering Latinas through Education, Leadership Development, Community Service and Advocacy.

We salute these Latino Changemasters!

2019 Leadership Circle

  • Patricia Álvarez de los Cobos
  • Nellie Andrade
  • Rosa Grunhaus Belzer
  • Mayor Mary Casillas Salas
  • Rosa Castro
  • Norma Chávez-Peterson
  • Norma Colunga
  • Michelle Díaz-Agha
  • Beatrice Fernandez
  • Hon. Patricia García
  • Dr. Inez González
  • Lisette Islas
  • Norma G. Jasso
  • Linda Katz
  • Lolita Lizárraga †
  • Azucena Maldonado
  • Arnulfo Manriquez
  • Aixa Morales
  • Chayo Moreno
  • Lourdes Núñez-Silva
  • Bárbara Orozco-Valdivia
  • Ileana Ovalle
  • Claudia Rempel
  • Lisa Rhodes
  • Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis

MANA de San Diego's 25th Anniversary (2012) founding members include:

      • Derene Allen
      • Nellie Andrade
      • Anonymous donor
      • Catherine Arambula
      • Luz Maria Dávila
      • Lourdes Felix
      • Beatrice Fernandez
      • Adela C. Garcia
      • Inez Gonzalez
      • Norma Jasso
      • Lolita Lizarraga
      • Ermila Martinez
      • Louis Murillo
      • Lisa A. Rhodes
      • Rosa M. Robles
      • Linda Sierra

Are you interested in joining our premier level of membership and become one of the driving forces behind MANA de San Diego? Become a larger part of our robust community of Latinas striving to empower other Latinas to succeed. Your membership will help Latinas build their leadership skills, educational options, experience in volunteering and advocacy. This well-rounded experience will help them become better community advocates and successful future Latina leaders! Sign Up Now! Payment plans are available for Leadership Circle Members, Leadership Circle Member benefits.