Leticia Cervantes - Estrella


Leticia Cervantes has now been a MANA member for three years an Hermanitas Mentor. She is also a member of the Hermanitas Leadership Committee, and recently joined the Tia’s Program. When asked what her proudest accomplishment at MANA has been she highlighted the relationship she has built with her Hermanita, Vanessa Ortega. Leticia has able to watch Vanessa progress over the course of the program, and will be able to see her attend a university in the fall of 2018. Leticia dedicates her time, energy, and passion to MANA and the Hermanitas program. When asked what inspires Leticia to continue her work at MANA her response was, “Being a role model for my two nieces, Ivanna and Paulina. I want them to see their Tia achieve her career aspiration, giving back to the community, and to inspire them to do the same.” Leticia’s motivation to inspire younger Latinas has shown through in her dedication and commitment to the Hermanitas Program.

Something about Leticia that most people do not know is that one summer break, she worked at her brother’s restaurant delivering lunch to offices downtown. She remembers being in awe of the offices, and it made her strive to work in a building that used badges and had a door attendant.  Leticia has now reached that goal by now working as Principle Business Analyst at San Diego Gas & Electric. We are excited to watch Leticia as she continues to achieve her goals, and as she inspires others along the way. Leticia is MANA Estrella!