Meybol Guerrero - Estrella

Meybol Guerrero has been an active member of MANA de San Diego for the past three years. She currently serves as the co-chair of the Membership Committee, to which she has belonged throughout her time with MANA. Meybol is also an active member of MANA de San Diego’s Board of Directors.

As the Vice President of Business Relationships for the Commercial Business Banking Division of Bank of America, Meybol has excelled in her industry. At home, Meybol is the proud mother of three twenty-one-year-old triplets, one of whom serves in the United States Marine Corps. Meybol is also proud to share that she is married to her elementary school sweetheart of 26 years. Once her children had graduated from High School, Meybol desired to dedicate her time to an organization that aligned with the vision and the principles of her own life. During this time, Meybol graciously began to offer herself as a resource to MANA de San Diego.

As a member of MANA de San Diego, Meybol has experienced numerous opportunities that have enriched her life. These opportunities include witnessing the success of programs such as Hermanitas. Meybol is inspired to see Latinas of all ages supported by her work with MANA de San Diego.

Meybol is a MANA Estrella!