National University


National University

MANA de San Diego values and encourages member education and professional development and we are pleased to announce that National University is now our Preferred Member Education Partner.

As a component of the partnership between MANA de San Diego and National University:
•         Current MANA de San Diego members are eligible for a 15% scholarship, in the form of a tuition discount.
•         Current MANA de San Diego members get a waiver of the $60 application fee toward earning an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree or certification

National University is a great choice for working professionals because it offers:
•         A flexible one-course-per-month format that provides concentrated learning so you can focus on one subject at a time and complete a full course in a single month.
•         Year-round enrollment so you can start your education whenever your personal and work schedules allow.
•         On-campus or online options that give you the choice of taking classes at one of the school's six San Diego County campuses or online.

Please contact Alison Adler, Community Outreach Coordinator, for more information at 858-541-7754 or

National University, the 2nd largest private, nonprofit university in California, and meets the needs of working professionals and other adult learners by providing a quality education through online/campus/hybrid options. National University currently has 30,000 students, six campuses in San Diego County, more than 140,000 alumni, and has been in San Diego since their founding in 1971.