Non-Profit Partners

Non-Profit Partners - Moving the Latino community forward, together.

Alliances with other Latino-focused professional and community non-profit partners and organizations are essential to the existence and growth of MANA de San Diego. They are essential to the growth of the Latino community. We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations to achieve shared goals for the greater good of the Latino community. By partnering with these non-profit groups, we help enhance the experience of Latinas in our Hermanitas program as well as our educational and leadership development programs. Our partners strengthen our organization and give us added support, experience and resources that help us fulfill the mission of MANA: To Empower Latinas through education, leadership development, community service and advocacy.

If you are a non-profit interested in partnering with MANA de San Diego, contact us.

Thank You to our Non-Profit Partners

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