Patricia Alvarez - MANA Estrella

Patricia Alvarez de los Cobos is the President and CEO of Energy Communications, Corp. and MANA de San Diego Board Member at Large. She is an advocate for Latinas in the workplace, and is leading by example through her career and work in the community.

Patricia joined MANA de San Diego in 2018, and this January began her term as a Board Member. She states, “I joined MANA de San Diego to help young Latinas succeed in the workplace.” This passion has motivated Patricia to support MANA’s programming and become involved in our organization’s leadership. She continues by saying, “Participating in MANA is extremely fulfilling for me. I have formed great friendships at MANA and truly enjoy attending their events, as they have been extremely helpful in my career and personal life.”

When asked what inspires her to join MANA’s leadership, Patricia states, “The Hermanitas are the future of our community. They continue to inspire me to participate in the organization as a Board Member.” Patricia is dedicated to seeing the Hermanitas program grow stronger, and ensuring that Latinas have a stronghold in the workplace. Thank you, Patricia for your contributions to the community!


Patricia is a MANA de San Diego Estrella!