Hermanitas Youth Leadership Mentor Program

From the classroom to the boardroom, check out the impact of MANA's Hermanitas Program.

The Hermanitas Program Story

Through its nationally recognized Hermanitas Youth Leadership Mentor Program, MANA de San Diego challenges Latina middle and high school students to reach beyond a high school diploma; to graduate from a higher education institution; enter the professional work force as Latina leaders empowered to affect positive change.

MANA supports these young Latina students in their life-changing journey, by providing them with an exclusive and constant one-to-one Hermanitas Mentor – a woman who has walked down similar paths, has a similar life story or faced similar challenges and is now successful, responsible and empowered. (Please click "Mentor Info" tab for Mentor Requirements).

Created in 1987, the Hermanitas Youth Leadership Mentor Program has served over 600 local Latinas, ages 12 to 18. The program features a curriculum of monthly educational seminars, community service and writing and reading assignments. The National Hermanitas Summer Institute, Girls Scouts of America and other school-based initiatives form part of the Hermanitas curriculum.

Hermanitas Program Highlights

    • In 2016, Hermanitas was invited to participate in the “Fulfilling America’s Future: Latinas in the U.S. Summit” at the White House
    • In 2015 the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics awarded its “Bright Spots in Hispanic Education” to MANA de San Diego’s Hermanitas Youth Leadership Program. MORE
    • In 2007 the Hermanitas de San Diego was recognized by MANA National as the best Hermanitas Youth Leadership Program.

Hermanitas Success Stories

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