Hermanita & Mentor

Alma and Ariana

Ariana is a rising senior, and the two have been a pair for two years. Alma Daneshi owns her own carpet cleaning company called Pink Sisters Carpet Cleaning Services. She is also the founder of Vamos a Chalar/ Lets Talk, which is a Spanish cancer support group.

Ariana and Alma both enjoy talking about school, family, friends, and food. They both love In n Out burgers, bonfires, animals, and doing community service. They are always able to talk about what makes them happy and what makes them sad. For Alma the best part of the Mentee/ Mentor relationship is that they can count on each other for emotional support, and they always have each other’s backs. Alma is excited for next year because Ariana will be a senior in high school. She wants to make her senior year an experience of a lifetime, and they will be focusing on getting her accepted to the college of her choice, which she is still deciding on. Ariana does know that her focus will be in education, as she wants to be a schoolteacher.

Ariana loves being in the Hermanitas program, and she has grown so much because of all the opportunities they have been given as a result of the Hermanitas program. They look forward to their final year as a mentor/mentee pair. It will be very emotional for them. This is their last adventure together in the MANA de San Diego Hermanitas program; however, their new adventure will begin as she starts college. We know that their support for each other will continue to grow even as Ariana begins college this next fall.