Changing the workforce and political conversations to include Latinas, click here to learn about the impact of MANA’s Latina Success Leadership Program

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Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP)

Taking aim at the glass ceiling.
Continuing the Latina journey to leadership.

Addressing the disturbing United States statistics that only 4% of workforce Latinas are in professional and managerial posts and less in elected offices, MANA de San Diego established the Latina Success Leadership Program to help Latinas move forward – to go further and go higher in the workforce.

In 2015, in its inaugural year, the Latina Success Leadership Program debuted with four half-day sessions. Each session addresses a topic necessary to success and empowerment:

Civic Engagement

The power, function and value of civic engagement. Working with others, making a difference and being noticed, by joining executive boards and commissions for the greater good.


Developing a strategic plan and timeline for achieving personal and professional success. Setting them in motion.

Networking and Branding

Developing a unique sense of self – showcasing yourself with confidence and consistency.


Learning about behavioral assertiveness and how to make it work for you. Developing the practical skill-set to change challenging moments into positive personal and professional achievements.

Reaching for Higher Education

Continuing efforts to support the professional development of Latinas, MANA de San Diego has partnered with National University, offering current MANA members a tuition discount in the pursuit of higher education. MORE