MANA Scholarship Program

An educated Latina is an empowered Latina, check out the impact of MANA’s Scholarship Program

A MANA de San Diego Scholarship transforms a young Latina student.

Opening educational doors. Breaking down financial barriers.

The MANA de San Diego Scholarship Program enables exceptional Latinas to continue the journey toward success, leadership and empowerment by providing financial assistance when enrolled in an institution of higher learning.

Annually, MANA awards $30,000 to $40,000 in financial support to a wide range of worthy students. From community college students on the road to a Bachelor’s Degree to doctoral candidates on the verge of a Ph.D. MANA has awarded $518,500 in scholarships to date.

MANA Scholarship recipients are selected based on a number of academic and non-academic factors. These factors include leadership, community engagement, educational and professional goals, financial need and special circumstances. Scholarships are awarded and recipients and their families celebrated at an annual Scholarship Reception.

MANA continues its support of the Hermanitas Youth Mentorship Program, by awarding qualified Hermanitas graduates with first year college scholarships.

Named Scholarships

In 2010, MANA de San Diego established a “Named Scholarship” program. Scholarship donations of $1,000 or more can be made on behalf on an individual, family trust or company. Named Scholarships can also be awarded toward the pursuit of a specific degree. A MANA Named Scholarship is a unique and meaningful way to leave a legacy. For more information on the Named Scholarship Program, please download the MANA request letter and pledge form.

Since its establishment in 1991, MANA de San Diego has awarded 502 scholarships totaling over $518,500.

2020 Named Scholarships and Donors

  • “Nellie Andrade Scholarship”
  • Dr. Ted Martinez
  • “Ysabel Sanchez Colunga Scholarship” from Norma Colunga
  • David and Jessica Mier
  • “Jose Luis Wiarco Scholarship" from Michael & Dolores Dweck
  • Norma Jasso
  • Linda Sierra
  • Elena Pérez
  • Barbara Orozco-Valdivia
  • Evelyn Luna
  • Leticia Cervantes
  • Venus Molina

For more information, please contact the MANA office at 619.297.0115.