Rafael Hurtado - Estrella

Rafael has been a supporter of MANA since 2015, and has been on our Board of Directors since 2017. He works as an attorney for Abogato LLP, and is the Legal Counsel on the MANA Board. He has shown particular interest in our Advocacy Committee because he “hopes the committee grows into the voice it should be.”

Rafel joined MANA because he believes that, “all women and men have the right to equal opportunities in their careers and community.” He brings our attention to the fact that historically, Latinas have not had the same opportunities as men or even women of other demographics. This not only affects Latinas, but our entire society. He says, “If I can have a small part in flipping the script, then I am happy to roll up my sleeves and do my best to help.”

The strong sense of community that MANA members, staff, and volunteers utilize to build each other up is something that inspires Rafael to continue his work with MANA.
Apart from his close friends and family, many do not know that Rafael loves Star Trek!

We are fortunate to have the support from our hermano. Rafael is a MANA Estrella!