Raquel Maden - Estrella

Raquel Maden is a new member of MANA de San Diego! Raquel joined MANA this year, and has quickly become a valuable asset to our organization. Raquel currently serves as the Chair for the Advocacy Committee, a position she will continue to hold into 2020. She is currently the Public Affairs and Community Engagement Representative for the San Diego/Imperial County Division of California’s School Board Association.

Raquel joined MANA because of our mission and vision surrounding education. She says, “I've spent my entire adult life as an advocate for education equity. Since I left my position as an elected school board member, I had been searching for something impactful to be part of and MANA has definitely proven to make a huge, positive impact on our disenfranchised communities. I also wanted to partner with MANA and its Advocacy Committee to help expand its current advocacy efforts.” Through the Advocacy Committee, Raquel has led discussions on a broad range of issues, ranging from health in the Latinx community to LGBTQ rights.

Raquel has found a great community within MANA de San Diego. She writes, “MANA has introduced me to some amazing women in the organization who are making great strides in their own communities. They have motivated me to become even more involved. My career and family life seem to be more meaningful today than ever before because I genuinely feel like I’m part of an organization that is striving for excellence by helping others.” For Raquel, MANA is a sisterhood and a community in which she is able to contribute her skills to the community and a great cause. Thank you, Raquel, for all that you do to support MANA de San Diego and the community!

¡Raquel is a MANA Estrella!