Sandra Lambarri-Johnson - Estrella

Sandra Lambarri-Johnson has been an active member of MANA de San Diego for three years. She is a Latina Success Leadership Program graduate and member of our Health and Advocacy Council committees.

Sandra initially joined MANA de San Diego to become more involved with the community and help her fellow Latinas. After attending her first organization event, she felt right at home -- and quickly learned that she, too, could grow from her involvement with MANA de San Diego.

As an immigrant who came to the U.S. at just ten years of age, Sandra understands firsthand what it’s like to live in fear of that “knock on the door” from ICE, as well as what to do when that day finally comes. Which it did.

Sandra lost everything and had to start over in life. And it is because of this experience that she is determined, now more than ever before, to speak up and fight for the rights of San Diego’s Latinx community.

An African proverb once said “You educate a boy and you educate an individual; you educate a girl, and you educate a village.” Sandra supports MANA de San Diego’s young and professional Latinas every day. Her goal: real social change that gives our comunidad greater access to educational and professional success.

Outside of MANA de San Diego, Sandra is an Outreach Specialist for the California Communication Access Foundation, which improves access to telecommunications services for people with disabilities and other traditionally underserved populations.

This month, we are proud to not only call Sandra a MANA de San Diego member, but a true embodiment of a MANA Estrella.