Susie Fraga - Estrella

Susie Fraga has been a Member of MANA de San Diego since 2014. Additionally, Susie currently serves on the Board of Directors for MANA and is the Senior Manager of Organization Development at Midland Credit Management. As a Board Member, Susie contributes her valuable skills as a financial expert. She also serves on the Latina Success Conference Committee and as a Hermanitas mentor!

Susie joined MANA to support an organization that aligned with her value of uplifting Latinas in the region. As a MANA member, Susie says, “There are two programs that I’ve found to be high impact. One is the Hermanitas program. I think this program can set young Latinas on the right path with the resources and support they need to make it to college. Second is the Latina Success Leadership Program, and that opened my eyes to realize that there are so many strong, professional Latinas out there to encourage me, inspire me and call me to higher standards. For the first time in my professional life, I felt like there were so many other women with similar stories to mine who could relate to how challenging it can be to build a career and move up in an organization.” Furthermore, MANA has provided Susie with a great support system and a community of Latina professionals in San Diego. Such a resource has been valuable to Susie as she navigates a lack of diversity in the workplace.

As a professional, Susie has excelled, breaking through the obstacles of being one of the few Latinas in certain spaces. She writes, “When I look around my workplace, I see the lack of diversity in upper management levels and I see the need to break those barriers. In my role as Senior Manager of Organizational Development, I often coach others in career development and I would love to see a lot more Latinas having more opportunities to grow and take on leadership roles.” Thank you, Susie, for working to live out the mission of MANA de San Diego.

¡Susie is a MANA Estrella!