Dear Friend of MANA de San Diego:
We have a deal for you that will bring the newspaper to your door AND result in funding for MANA de San Diego and for greater literacy in our region! If you are not a current subscriber to The San Diego Union-Tribune, you can benefit from this opportunity.

You can receive the Sunday edition of the newspaper for just $5.00, for two years. That’s 104 issues of the newspaper at the average cost of five cents an issue! You can also receive unlimited digital access to daily issues of The San Diego Union-Tribune…all for $5.00!
Each new subscription order will result in funds raised for MANA de San Diego.
Payment for your subscription must be made by check, payable to “The San Diego Union-Tribune”. You can also pay by credit card. Two subscriptions can be made to the same household under one name and one payment.

All orders must include a phone number. This allows for verification of your subscription request.

Please include your email address if you want the unlimited digital access to the newspaper.

You cannot “gift” a subscription to someone else. Your subscription order must be for you and for your household.
Please click the following link  and print the subscription order form. Fill out the form, with check or credit card inform, and mail or deliver to…

MANA de San Diego  
2515 Camino del Rio South
Suite 228
San Diego, CA 92108  

Thank you for your support!
(This offer can only be processed through MANA de San Diego.)